What does Culture in Nova Scotia mean to you?

What is Culture?

Culture is our shared ways of knowing and creating. We express culture through language, art, music, stories, traditions and spirituality. Culture is the heart and soul of our communities. It defines who we are as a people and reflects our origins, experiences and beliefs. It is seen in what we value, what we create and what we keep for the future. And it shapes how we relate to others and how we see ourselves.

In this survey when you think of “culture”, it includes the visual and performing arts, writing and literature, diversity, languages, cultural identity, museums, archives, how we interact with nature, traditions, stories and much more.

Why is Culture important?

Studies around the world show that access to culture and cultural expression is critical for individual well-being and helps combat poverty and social exclusion. Involvement in culture activities helps improve academic outcomes for students and supports physical, emotional and social wellbeing for citizens.

Culture supports vibrant, attractive communities and is a strong contributor to our economy. In fact, culture represents about $868 million to Nova Scotia’s economy, and more than 14,000 jobs across the province.

Why do we need a plan?

Culture is fundamentally important to our province. It is important to:

Through the Culture Action Plan we will identify opportunities to collaborate with the broad culture community to strengthen culture in the province and help build a prosperous future together.

What is a Culture Action Plan?

Creating Nova Scotia’s first comprehensive Action Plan for Culture will provide government a set of clear actions to help affirm, support, preserve and celebrate our rich and vibrant culture. The resulting document will be a “blueprint” for government action to the coming years to help maximize the potential of Nova Scotia’s creators, diverse cultures and creative industries. The Action Plan will include broad goals and objectives informed by input from the culture community and the public, as well as clear actions to support achieving those goals.

Can I express my thoughts in a creative way?

Absolutely! Nova Scotians may choose to use their creative talents to express their thoughts on culture and its value to their lives. This might be through writing a poem or short story, drawing a picture, singing a song.

If I provide creative input do I retain rights to my work?

Yes. All submitted material remains the property of you, the creator. You retain all artistic and intellectual property rights to your creative work submitted. Your input will be used only to help develop and promote the Culture Action Plan, and will not be shared without your approval.

What media formats can I submit?

Completed expressions can be uploaded at the end of the online survey as documents (.doc or .pdf), audio (.wma or .mp3), images (.gif, .jpg, .tif or .wmf) or video (.wmv, .mov or .mp4). Audio or video files should be no longer than 5 minutes in duration.

I have other questions!

If you have other questions or wish to contact someone working on the Culture Action Plan, please email, or contact the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage at 902-424-2170.

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